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The Harm Of Nitrate

Here are the hazards of nitrate:

Studies have shown that nitrates are teratogenic. Pregnant women who consume large amounts of nitrates can cause infants with congenital malformations, mainly central neuroma. In 1982, it was discovered that an endemic neonatal congenital malformation in southern Australia was mainly a neurological disease. After a large number of case investigations, they pointed out that the excessive nitrate content in groundwater is the cause of the disease. Studies have shown that when the NO3 content of drinking water exceeds 15mg/L, the incidence of neonatal congenital malformations increases by 4 times.

The carcinogenicity of nitrate and nitrite has been very controversial. Many people tend to think that it is a precursor to the formation of carcinogen-nitrosamines. In a pros and cons investigation report, the FDA calculated that there are 135 per year in the United States. The deaths of cancer patients are related to nitrite, but if nitrite is not added to meat products, there will be 22 deaths due to botulinum toxin poisoning. It is reported that NO3 intake was found in ecological correlation analysis in 13 countries There is a positive correlation between intake and gastric cancer mortality. However, ecological studies in 69 counties in China failed to find the relationship between NO3 exposure and gastric cancer mortality. This may have a lot to do with the dietary structure of Chinese residents, because Chinese residents’ diet Most of them are grains and vegetables. Although vegetables contain a lot of nitrates, they also contain nitrosation blockers (such as vitamin C and flavonoids, etc.).

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