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Factors Affecting The Purity And Yield Of Potassium Nitrate

Both the purity and yield of potassium nitrate are very important, a little difference will make a big difference. Introduce the factors that affect the purity and yield of potassium nitrate.

As you may all know, both the ratio of materials and the amount of evaporated water have a certain effect on the purity and yield of potassium nitrate.

There is another type called cooling crystallization temperature. After research, it is found that the yield of potassium nitrate product changes very obviously with the cooling crystallization temperature, while the product purity has relatively little change. When the cooling crystallization temperature is 5°C, the product yield is relatively large, reaching 93.17%. From the solubility data of potassium nitrate, it can be seen that the solubility of potassium nitrate at 5°C is about 17g. At this time, the potassium nitrate in the solution is almost completely precipitated. As a result, the yield of the product is higher; as the cooling crystallization temperature increases, the solubility of potassium nitrate increases rapidly, so the yield of the product drops rapidly, from 93.17% at 5°C to 62.08% at 30°C.

The purity of the product is less affected by the cooling crystallization temperature, which is stable at about 78%, but when the temperature is 5°C, more chloride ions and sodium ions are precipitated together, which reduces the product purity to 72.41%.

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