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The Difference Between Industrial Potassium Nitrate And Agricultural Potassium Nitrate

In the selection of potassium nitrate, many people may not be confused about the difference between industrial potassium nitrate and agricultural potassium nitrate. In fact, as long as they have mastered their respective characteristics, it is very simple to distinguish them.

Industrial potassium nitrate has higher purity than agricultural potassium nitrate, less chlorine content, and more expensive.

1. Industrial grade potassium nitrate: implement the national standard GB1918-98

Application: used as a catalyst, beneficiation agent, preservative, coloring agent

2. Agricultural grade potassium nitrate: implement the national standard GB/T 20784-2006

Application: It is a chlorine-free potassium fertilizer, all of which are water-soluble nutrients. Potassium ions and nitrate ions can be quickly absorbed by crops, which can significantly improve the yield and quality of various economic crops.

Industrial-grade potassium nitrate and agricultural-grade potassium nitrate, because of their different characteristics, determine their different directions of use, but in the use of large-element water-soluble fertilizers, industrial-grade potassium nitrate is mostly used.

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