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The Effect Of Potassium Nitrate On Crops

Potassium nitrate can be used not only in industry, but also in agriculture, and it has a positive effect on crops.

The effect of potassium nitrate on crops:

(1) Potassium is the activator of many enzymes. Enzymes are the catalysts in the metabolic process of crops. Without the action of enzymes, many physiological processes cannot be carried out;

(2) Potassium can promote photosynthesis and promote the synthesis and transportation of carbohydrates;

(3) Potassium can promote protein synthesis;

(4) Potassium can enhance the toughness of crop stalks, and enhance the ability of crops to resist lodging and pests;

(5) Potassium can improve crop resistance to drought and cold.

Although potassium nitrate is of great help to crops, don't overuse it, just use it in moderation, otherwise the effect will be counterproductive.

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