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Use Of Potassium Nitrate On Various Crops

Regarding the application of potassium nitrate on various crops, what I say below is for reference only. It is summarized based on the usage of some cat friends, and may not be suitable for all regions. You have to determine it according to the specific local conditions.

1. Apple: 10-15 kg in the later stage, with two flushes.

2. Grapes: Use 5 kg for one-third of the color of grapes, once to promote redness.

3. Watermelon, melon, winter melon, etc.: 4-6 kg once or 2-3 kg twice in the later stage.

4. Banana: 5 kg once during the fruit-bearing period, 3-4 times.

5. Beans, eggplants, peppers, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables: 3-5 kg, once every half a month.

6. Potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.: 5-10 kg at a later stage.

7. Jujube fruit swelling period, 5-6 kilograms per acre, use once every 15 days (use fertilization and flushing).

In addition, the specific dosages of drip irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and flushing are also different. I suggest you try more by yourself. The amount of potassium nitrate is very much related to the base fertilizer and the frequency and method of use. This is why you see other people use it like that, but the effect is not so good because you don’t know what is in front of them. What is used.

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