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Is Potassium Nitrate A Compound Fertilizer

Is potassium nitrate a compound fertilizer? In fact, it is a binary compound fertilizer, a compound fertilizer made of chlorine-free potassium and nitrogen.

Potassium nitrate is generally in the form of colorless transparent prismatic crystals or powder, and is relatively easy to dissolve in water. The solubility in water increases with the rise of water temperature, is not easy to deliquesce, and is insoluble in ethanol and ether. The total content of plant nutrient elements potassium and nitrogen in potassium nitrate are relatively high, the highest can reach more than 60%, which has good fertilizer efficiency utilization value.

Potassium nitrate is a physiologically alkaline fertilizer. Potassium nitrate is easier to move after being applied to the soil, and it is suitable for top dressing, especially for middle and late top dressing or as top dressing for crops damaged by frost. Since potassium nitrate contains 3.4 times the nitrogen content of potassium oxide, it is often used as a high-concentration potassium fertilizer in agriculture. Most potassium nitrate will be used on tobacco plants, which can have the benefits of fast absorption of fertilizer efficiency, strong fertilizer effect, and promote early seedling emergence. It can also increase tobacco production and improve tobacco quality. It can play a very important role in tobacco. The role of. In addition, potassium nitrate also has a good top dressing effect on vegetables such as grapes, tomatoes and other fruits.

Potassium nitrate can not only be applied alone, but also mixed or combined with nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonium sulfate. It can not only enhance the utilization value of fertilizer efficiency, but also eliminate some side effects of potassium nitrate, so potassium nitrate is an ideal compound fertilizer.

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