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The Role And Use Of Calcium Nitrate

1. Used in the electronics industry to coat cathodes, and in agriculture as quick-acting fertilizers for acid soils and quick calcium supplements for plants.

2. Used as analytical reagents and fireworks materials.

3. It is the raw material for manufacturing other nitrates.

Agricultural calcium nitrate is a typical fast-acting foliar fertilizer. It can more smoothly act on acidic soil. The calcium in the fertilizer can neutralize the acidity of the soil. Regenerative fertilization of winter crops, post (qualitative) additional fertilization of grains, excessive consumption of alfalfa growth fertilization, sugar beet, fodder beet, poppy, corn, green feed mixture, and additional fertilization that effectively eliminates plant calcium deficiency, Especially convenient.

Using the most advanced plant growth theory, it has the characteristics of rapid calcium and nitrogen supplement. Its unique combination of nitrate nitrogen and 100% water-soluble calcium provides many properties and advantages that other fertilizers do not have. It is one of the most valuable fertilizers on the market. Calcium nitrate contains 11.8% nitrogen (nitrate) and 23.7% water-soluble calcium (CaO) evenly in each grain, which is conducive to the absorption of nutrients by crops, enhances the stress resistance of fruits and vegetables, promotes early maturity, and improves the quality of fruits and vegetables It is widely used in agriculture for base application, topdressing, flushing and foliar spraying, and it can also be used as a nutrient solution for soilless cultivation. It is rich in calcium ions, and continuous application will not deteriorate the physical properties of the soil, but can also improve the physical properties of the soil. It is most suitable for beet, potato, barley, hemp and other crops, and it is widely applicable to all kinds of soil, especially when it is applied on calcium-deficient acid soil, the effect will be better.

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